Sew-in-weave: We are experts at sew-ins creating chic and glamorous styles with the length, fullness, texture or color you desire. This process is done adding hair extensions by creating a foundation of braids, then sewing hair wefts on to braided base. See our Weave Package menu.

$75 Sew-in-weave: You get our Express Weave using a double tracking sew-in system, a trim flat iron or cut and curl. You must come with hair clean and two packs of hair.

Cut Styles: Whether it's long or short a good haircut should make you feel beautiful. It is an accessory you wear every day, all day. Your haircut should be easy to care for and contemporary in style. At B-Unique Hair Boutique we strive to give you the look you desire.

Color: Emphasize the detail of your haircut or hairstyle with a color service. Whether you choose highlights or an allover color, coloring your hair adds the finishing touch.

Lock Maintenance: To ensure your locks (dread locks) are healthy, and well groomed. We offer palm roll-twisting-interlocking and shampoo-condition-repairs for maintenance. We also create gorgeous lock styles.

Lock Extension: Instant way to start locks or extend the length of locks you already have, using synthetic or kinky human hair.

Natural Hair Care: Hair styling that does not use chemical compounds or dyes that change or alter the natural curl or coil pattern of your hair structure.

Press & Curl: Temporarily straightening curly or unruly hair by means of heated iron or comb, then curled. Hair will be lustrous and in a softly curled condition.

Flat Iron: A hair styling device with two metal or ceramic plates meant to clamp down on hair to straighten it. Flat irons are replacing hot combs, also used to curl hair in fabulous styles.

Wet-Set: Wet Set is a great way to create beautiful styles using less heat on relaxed and natural hair and styles last longer. Hair is set using styling solution with rollers, rods, straws, finger waves, pin curls as well as natural textures and wraps.

Braids: Our Braid Designers are proficient and highly skilled in the art form of braids. Artistic designs, Individuals, Cornrows, Goddess, Pixie, Crazy braids and Zillions are fashionable and versatile braid styles you can get at B-Unique Hair Boutique.

Twist: (Two strand Twist) Senegalese Twist, Flat Twist and Twist Outs look soft and pretty. This versatile style can be worn natural or with hair added.

Comb Twist: A nice natural style for shorter length hair, offering a sleek look with ultimate versatility. This styling method is very low in maintenance and can be maintained for up to 3 weeks. Comb Twist is Ideal for tightly curled/coiled textures with a natural spring.

Ponytail: Enjoy the low maintenance style that is slick, sassy and gorgeous all in one. We create basic to fancy pony tails using natural hair and hair additions.

Up do: Hair is swept up in beautiful, curls, twist and/or French roll. We create up dos that give you a style of elegance for weddings, bridal, proms and formal events.

Relaxer: Hair is more manageable and easily tamed for super cute hairstyles. Chemical cream used to reduce tightly curled hair to soften and loosen curl by breaking down hair strand and chemically altering the texture.

Conditioning Treatments: Deep, penetrating conditioners that restore protein and moisture. Also restore luster, shine, manageability and strength.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment: Experience the benefit of this highly sought after hair treatment designed to recondition chemically treated, frizzy, natural curly and weather damaged hair leaving it soft, shiny and luxurious. This treatment eliminates up to 95% of the frizz and curl from the hair.

Barber Cuts: We offer tapered cuts, professional fades, custom design cuts and facial grooming that are all precise and clean.