Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the answer to our most common questions below.

I've never had weave before, what can I expect?

You can expect to be beautiful. Your natural hair will be braided. The weave tracks will be sewn onto braids using a needle and thread to give you a natural look. Come to the Salon with your hair clean and blow-dried or we can do it for you on site for an additional fee.

What is the difference between single and double tracking?

Single tracking is the traditional method for applying tracks - one track per braid. We offer an express technique (Double Tracking) that applies two tracks per braid. We can achieve the same look with double or single tracking. There is a slight difference to the touch, between the two techniques, however both appear flat and flawless to the eye.

What is the difference between a partial weave and a full weave?

Partial weaves allow clients to achieve the most natural look. Partial weaves leave a portion of the natural hair out in the front center, to achieve a left, right, or middle part. Partial weaves give clients an option to leave some, or all edges and nape out.
Full weaves allow clients to take pressure and heat off of their natural hair. All of natural hair is braided and protected by net (optional) as needed. Full weaves promotes natural hair growth and healthiness because natural hair is not left exposed.

What kind of weave do you recommend for: thinning hair, bald spot and short hair?

We recommend clients with these hair conditions receive a consultation prior to service. Clients with thinning hair, bald spot and short hair should get the Deluxe Weave + or Supreme Weave service with a full closure and net.

Why are nets used? What is the benefit?

Nets are used on clients with thinning hair, and weaves with none of the natural hair left out. The benefit to the net is that it protects your natural hair. Clients with or without natural hair left out can request one. Our nets cost $10.

After my weave, will I be able to come back to the salon to get my hair styled?

YES YOU CAN. We charge $40 for regular shampoo, condition, blow-dry-style for weaves.

What kind of services do you offer kids?

We offer, press and curl, natural hair, and braid services (extra charge for beads and you must bring them with you). Small children must be supervised at all times.

What is a basic trim?

A basic trim cleans frayed ends of weave in a horizontal line across the back. No layering or feathering is included.
Natural hair trim restores the previous cut to neatness without changing the hair style.

What is a basic cut?

A basic cut includes layers, feathering around the face, Chinese bangs, Swoop bangs, and/or blunt cut bob.

What is a detailed cut?

A detailed cut is a precision cut by a Senior Stylist. These cuts include layered bobs with details in the back, and short haircuts.

What type of closures do you offer?

We offer a standard closure, lace front closure, and an invisible part. Our Supreme Weave Package offers options that include each of these closure styles.

What causes the hair to mat/or tangle when washed after, weave or braid take down?

Hair becomes matted and tangled, when hair is not properly detangled before you wet and shampoo hair. Hair sheds every day, when braided and weaved for weeks, it still sheds. When weave and braids are taken down that shed hair needs to be combed out with a big tooth comb, it is also good to us a blow dryer with a comb on it to detangle and blow out shed hair before you wet and shampoo hair.

What is a Quick Weave and do you offer this service?

The natural hair is molded or braided. A cap is placed over the client�s hair and tracks are glued. We offer three types of Quick Weaves: Basic $45��27-Piece $55��..Invisible-Part $65. Includes basic trim ($15 for basic cut)

How long will I spend in B Unique Hair Boutique?

The time you spend in the salon depend on various factors. We offer a full range of services, from regular shampoo, blow-dry and curl, zillions, weaves, natural hair care, color and lock maintenance. You can expect to spend 3 -4 hours. Expect to spend more time for styles requiring more time such as zillions, etc.

What type of style can I wear my locks in?

Locks can be worn in many styles: Spiral Wet-Sets, Braided Sets to look like crimps, Up-Do Bonds, Creative woven fancy style. We offer lock maintenance and Lock styles for special occasions.

Will my hair ever get thick and grow long?

Hair is a sensitive subject, you need to understand your hair, because everyone hair is unique. If you practice healthy hair habits consistently you will know the reality of your unique hair. B Unique Hair Boutique offer services that help promote healthy hair as your hair grows.
The reality is some people hair will grow long and thick, and some will not and that is the truth. B Unique Hair Boutique offer service that cater to all hair types, if you cannot grow it wear it short and sexy or weave it and wear long and luxurious. Whatever you do B U.